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How Does an Aeroponics Tower Work? [Explained]

The Aeroponics Tower is one of the latest growing systems for growers that wish to grow plants using the aeroponics system. This growing method works like a vertical garden which allows not only a 95% water economy but also saves up to 75% of space and delivers up to a 50% crop yield increase.

A tower garden only takes one meter or up to 3 square free of space and can grow up to 44 plants in the same space, which is way much better than soil farming. In this article, we are going to look into the aeroponics growing system and how the aeroponics tower works.

how does an aeroponic tower work

What is an Aeroponics Tower Garden? 

Specifically, a tower garden is an aeroponics growing system. These aeroponic towers also produce crops with 35% to 60% more nutrients than their counterparts grown in the soil. 

Unlike hydroponics and aquaponics, aeroponics does not require a growing medium. Growing methods like hydroponics and aquaponics, have the roots of the plants completely submerged in water. 

However, in aeroponics, the roots are simply suspended in the air. The roots of the plants are left hanging in the air inside the tower and sprayed at regular intervals with a nutrient solution.

The solution is usually stored in a reservoir at the base of the tower garden. The reservoir comes with a low-wattage submersible pump which draws the nutrient solution all the way to the top of the tower. The liquid solution is then funneled through a special device that allows it to drizzle down the tower giving the roots the nutrients it needs.

The spray time of the solution is programmed with a timer. The pump could be programmed to spray for several minutes and then stay off for several minutes. The cycle is repeated throughout the day while the roots hang in the air. 

The aeroponics tower garden will set your plants vertically, thereby providing more space. It is no different from any aeroponics system with the main difference being that is professionally designed. For DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for a reliable aeroponics system to start growing their plants, the tower garden might be the best way to get started. 

Benefits of a Tower Garden

When it comes to using an aeroponics tower garden to grow your plants. There are lots of benefits to look forward to over soil-based farming. Below are some of the best benefits of tower gardens 

1. Fresh produce year-round

Unlike soil-based farming that relies on weather conditions, tower gardens can be used indoors. This allows it to grow plants year-round! You won’t have to always rely on sunlight for energy for the plants. Instead, you can make use of grow lights that mimic the sun.

The nutrient-rich solution also provides the plants with all that they need to grow. The use of a more controlled, stable environment makes it easier to get consistent growth all year round. 

2. Saves up to 90% of water

Water wastage is a common issue with soil farming. This is because most of the water used in soil farming evaporates rather than being absorbed by the plant.

The best way to save on water is to use tower gardens. They are known to save more than 90% of water. While this would save you water, it would also reduce your water bills. 

3. Provides up to 30% higher yields 

Aeroponics crops are known to grow a lot better than plants grown in the soil. They are known to grow faster and up to 30% larger than those grown in the soil.

Another big benefit is that the nutritional value of the crop remains the same as they are grown naturally with the same nutrients. They also taste just as great without the stench of herbicides and pesticides used in soil crops. 

4. Grow up to 3x as fast

When it comes to growth rate, soil-based crops are known to be very slow compared to modern methods. Aeroponics towers are known to grow crops 3 times faster than regular gardens.

This cuts your waiting time by weeks, allowing you to get fresh vegetables faster. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that the plants absorb water and nutrients better in the aeroponics setting. 

5. No weeding required

Weeds are a big problem with soil-based farming. Not only do they add to your monitoring time, but they also tend to be very laborious to get rid of. With aeroponics, you won’t have to get dirty as there is no soil involved.

This means there is no medium for weeks to grow. This makes aeroponics less messy. It also means it is a great option for all kinds of growers that prefer options that do not require too much effort or monitoring.

6. Saves space

If you have less arable land to use or you don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing land for your garden, then you will find aeroponic towers to be the best option to go for. They can be used indoors or in your apartment.

The towers allow the plants to grow vertically so you will use less space than you would if you had planted them in the soil. All you will need is up to 3 square feet of space in your home for a decent aeroponics garden.

What Can I Grow in an Aeroponics Tower Garden?

One of the best things about aeroponics is that you can grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables regardless of the time of the year. You could choose to grow these plants indoors or outdoors depending on what you prefer for your setup. With aeroponics, the best plants to grow are leafy, non-fruiting vegetables and herbs.

If you want to grow fruiting plants, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash, you might want to consider taking the garden outside so they will grow big. Some of the best foods to grow in a tower garden include the following: Lettuce (Bibb, Mustard greens, Dill, Swiss chard, Microgreens, Kale, Basil, Cilantro, Herbs (Parsley, Sage),  and Collards,